Jana Vaye McLeland

Profile Updated: October 22, 2013
Where do you live now: Shushan, NY USA
Spouse/Partner - How long Richard Benej
Web Page/Facebook Page New to FB; try jana mcleland
What was your occupation: Still am a flight attendant (!), flying international for 46 years, currently to Japan, Hong Kong, and More…China.
Where have you lived:

New York City (Manhattan and Brooklyn), and Greenwich and Shushan, NY

What did you do after High School:

Headed straight to New York City after falling in love with the place when I worked there during the World's Fair. Guess I should mention I graduated FSU, degree in economics....Moved upstate NY where I still live and thank goodness, my sister Karyn (class of '66) and parents followed, so family nearby.


No kids, so have to borrow other people's...

What Classmates are still friends:

Oh my, hate to leave anyone out....still in touch with Kit Dietrich (she was a flight attendant with United also, and we often flew together), Lloyd Deming--we stayed friends through our years at FSU, and Laura Campbell, Carol Eckhart, Mary Lou Walton, Randi Bishop.....oh, I know I'm forgetting somebody....stayed in touch with Ted Cubbison but now I'm trying to re-connect.....if I've left you out, let me know!!!

Hobbies - Recreational Activities

Travel (both work and pleasure), reading, keeping up with my 89 year old mother, politicsdon'tgetmestarted, music (small recorder group), photography, tech (try to take my iPad from my cold, dead hands!), and keeping up with what's going on in the world......

High points of your life since High School

I've had some mighty fine travel experiences; have enjoyed time I worked with young American Indian students in New Mexico, many years of safety work for flight attendant union, and just being lucky enough to be along for life's ride with not too many mishaps. You'll have to contact me for the censored highlights.......

Traveled to:

Last time I counted it was 50+ countries and most states in our beautiful country. Currently I'm enjoying learning about China, but in earlier years I loved being in Central and South America.

What would we be surprised to know about you:

I have lasted 46+ years as a flight attendant after failing to become a CHS cheerleader! Couldn't do the split but still can stay up slinging trays for 30 hours!


Aren't we all about the same age?


We've all moved on from high school, but it was one of the most memorable times of my life and I'd love to hear from any of you......

School Story:

Oh, how about the time I was a junior and in some capacity I was "working" the seniors' graduation ceremony which had to be moved indoors due to rain. As I stood on the podium in the football stadium to make the change of venue announcement, I caught my skirt with my high heel and managed to pull it down in front of the whole graduation audience. Or how about the time when I was president of the math club greeting the other math clubs at our annual gathering being sponsored by CHS that year and somehow I managed to wet myself, can't remember what made me laugh, right in front of all of them. I could go on.......

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