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01/27/18 10:14 AM #34    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Hey Bill...can you help with the food if we do a small reunion at Paul's condo party room?

01/28/18 09:34 PM #35    


Wilson (Bill) Williams

Sure.  We can do food from both Hooters and Pete & Shorty's.

01/29/18 11:19 AM #36    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Thanks Bill...that sounds like a plan.  Paul...shall we try to pin down a date?  And again, how about we have it BYOB?  

Now...who else in the local area would be willing to help?

01/30/18 12:38 PM #37    


Kit Dietrich (Challoner)


Just looking through at the people that want a get together for a 55th. Paul's condo sounds great. Food from Bill would work. Gail Schacht said she will help and so did David Gerety. I don't know what I could do from here but it does sound like fun. I stay in touch with Carol Hyde, Margaret Word Burnside Fodderman, Hunt and Tina Harris, Camille and Freddie Hosley and maybe I can come up with some more. Michael Winter could contact his buddies, Dickie Danford, Donnie Davis, JIm Andriella etc. and maybe get them to come. If we decide on a date Mike and I would love to come.

Hugs to you and Nic. 


01/30/18 03:36 PM #38    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

Hi All -  it sounds like plans are being formulated for a 55 reunion! Sounds good to me and hope it continues to come together. As stated earlier, I will be glad to help however I can from the East Coast of Florida… But I just had a thought, how about opening a group on Facebook for Clearwater high school class of 63 and make it an exclusive group like the one for you know you grew up in Old Clearwater or whatever it’s called.  That way we could keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do this but maybe someone else does. They will also have to be the administrator of it allowing people to become members. 

Let me know if I can do anything to help and I will be glad to do so. Looking forward to seeing everyone… Gail

Gail (Schacht) Williams

321 453-2168

02/03/18 02:16 PM #39    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

OK - So Kit thought my idea was a good one as well and she had a friend set it up already.  She is set up to be the administrator.  So you go to FB and then to search and put in:

          Clearwater High School 1963

Then you ask to join.  Hope this works.......  Gail

02/04/18 04:07 PM #40    


Judy Booze (Foster)

I went to Facebook, put in Clearwater High School 1963 and the result was "could not find..."  

Kit...can you clarify?



02/04/18 04:11 PM #41    


Judy Booze (Foster)

OK...found it.  Now we just have to get the word out.



02/20/18 06:15 PM #42    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

 Yes I am interested! I would like October better than September but hopefully I can make either date when ever it’s picked… 

02/21/18 09:45 AM #43    


Nancy Johnson (Dailey)

Sept. or Oct. sounds good after everyone is back from vacations.  I will be there when we know the date.  Happy 55th!

02/22/18 10:42 AM #44    

Michael Blay



My wife, Donna, and I will attend this fall's gathering(55th) once we have a date and gathering info. We believe it's important to meet as often as possible since we won't live forever. Thanks for all the work from you and the gang!!!!  Keep it as simple as possible.  Mickey Blay


02/26/18 04:17 PM #45    

Irene Carlson (Klucar)

My husband Jim and I would most likely attend reunion.  Thanks for doing this Irene Carlson Klucar

02/27/18 04:38 PM #46    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Hi Mickey and Irene,

Thanks for posting that you will be at the Class of '63 55th reunion.  We have not selected a date yet, but as soon as we do all information will be posted.  Have you joined the CHS Class of 63 Facebook page...not sure if that is the correct name for the Facebook page, but sure you can find it.


Judy Booze Foster

02/28/18 11:15 AM #47    

Thomas (Tom) Gordon

Doubt we will make the reunion this year.  We will just be getting back from Europe.  Tom Gordon

02/28/18 05:28 PM #48    

Robert (Bob) Roach


Hi Judy,

Marilyn (Kell) Roach and Bob Roach plan to attend . We will be looking for the date. Thanks for putting this together and a big thanks to Paul. Hope to see everyone soon. Bob

03/01/18 09:47 AM #49    


Judy Booze (Foster)

So good to hear from you Marilyn and looking forward to seeing you and Bob in the fall.



03/01/18 09:49 AM #50    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Will miss you Tom.  Maybe when we set the date, it will be better timing for you.

Best regards,


08/18/18 02:14 PM #51    


Paul Repp



The date is set:

When:    October 6, 2018

Time:      6:30 to 10:30

Cost:      $15.00, will cover heavy Hors d’Oeuvres, by Whitey

Check Payable to:     Judith B. Foster, 4807 Pebble Brook Dr., Oldsmar, FL  34677

Bring:     BYOB & a smile or anything else for a good time

Location:    Stephanie and Paul Repp's condo, South Beach III, 1460 Gulf Blvd, Sand Key, FL 30338. To enter Push Envera button & give your name. Turn right, first left has some visitor parking and stair entrance to Condo and party room. Party room has ice maker, refrigerator and oven. More parking behind building. 

08/19/18 02:57 PM #52    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

 Hi all – I am planning on being there and have sent in my $15. I am looking forward to seeing everyone. It should be a fun evening… Gail Schacht (Williams)



08/22/18 03:27 PM #53    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Look for a detailed email from Judy Booze Foster.  If you don't get the email, it means she does not have your current address.  You can post it here or send it to her at 


08/23/18 05:23 PM #54    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

 So I’m not sure if the email has been sent out yet or if it is on its way in the next day or so. But I haven’t gotten one so far. So here is my email address:   

Gail Schacht (Williams)

08/24/18 11:10 AM #55    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Hi Gail...did you get the email I sent out about the CHS Class of '63 55th Reunion?  LMK.

08/25/18 10:14 PM #56    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

 Hi Judy, I saw it on here but I did not get an email from you. Of course I know about it, and I am looking forward to the get together on the 6th… 

08/26/18 04:43 PM #57    


Judy Booze (Foster)

Gail...I thought I did send the email to you.  Please confirm your email address and I'll send it again. Thanks!

08/27/18 01:02 PM #58    


Gail Schacht (Williams)

Hi Judy -

My e-mail address is:

Thanks, Gail


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